Time to get aggressive on security


Gartner analysts make the case for getting more aggressive on data security in 2013 by focusing on three main areas: Infrastructure protection, identity and access management, and business continuity, compliance, and risk management, as noted by Information Week.

The problem is that data security keeps getting more complex and expensive as big trends emerge that force companies to react. The key will be to stay on offense, which is often the best defense. Big Data, Mobility, Cloud Computing and other big movements often leave little time for adequate security planning.

I've made the case before that in mobility, big trends driven by consumerization have emerged quickly, making it hard for the security IT folks to keep up. So while the future of IT looks as promising as ever in terms of the benefits it can return, security in some ways is the key. All investments must be made with concomitant investments in security.

Gartner expects security investments will expand by 50 percent over the next five years. The consulting firm advises that companies should "design for openness but expect to continue to invest in security all the time…They need to anticipate new attacks, including social media and reputation attacks. Security is an arms race."

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