• A quick fix for inversions after all?

    President Obama may have a tool at his disposal for stopping companies from shifting their tax residence from the U.S. to tax havens through acquisitions.

No such thing as perfect cybersecurity

With perfect cybersecurity impossible, CFOs can only hope to mitigate breaches in their information systems, Deloitte warns.

Insider transactions may not mean as much as investors think

A new study of initial public offerings contradicts the usual thinking about sales and purchases by insiders.

Sizing up how banks are performing

Few corporate treasuries measure how well their banks are performing for them, but the treasuries that do tend to be more satisfied with their banks, according to a recent survey by EuroFinance.

US multinationals may not be investing much abroad

A recent study shows cash "trapped" abroad is growing so fast that companies may find tax arbitrage more compelling than investment.

Working capital goes sideways

Low interest rates discourage companies from efforts to improve working capital management.


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In an unusually structured pair of transactions, CME Group announced plans to acquire inter-dealer broker and technology provider GFI in exchange for common stock. Immediately after the acquisition, an investor group will acquire GFI's wholesale brokerage and clearing business, leaving CME Group to retain only the Trayport and FENICS technology businesses.


JPMorgan Chase is cutting hundreds from its IT support staff as a trading slump marked by low volumes and low volatility continues. In addition to layoffs, some employees have accepted demotions or moved to lower cost office space in an attempt by the firm to control costs.