#SaveJosh campaign highlights social media as business risk

Senior mangement and boards need to be more aware of social media, Stanford Business School professor urges.

Tax losses jeopardized by earn-outs

Companies with net operating losses may jeopardize their ability to use them when they structure deals as earn-outs, a prominent tax lawyer warns.

Companies face more pressure over climate change

Ceres, a sustainbility advocacy group, pressures companies to disclose more information about climate risk. 

Sharing information on cyberthreats shouldn't pose antitrust problems, say regulators

Justice Department and FTC provide guidance to encourage companies to pool information on cyberissues.

Conflict mineral disclosure is here to stay

Even if the law is thrown out in court, many companies will choose to provide information on how conflict minerals are sourced and controlled.


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Credit Suisse is reportedly considering making further cuts to its fixed-income business following first quarter results that saw net income drop 34 percent from a year earlier. The results gave the firm its worst start to the year since 2008.


Some firms that began storing full and complete trading communications late last year to comply with Dodd-Frank regulations for the swaps market are beginning to look at that data in a new light.