Moody's adopts negative outlook on money funds

Lack of supply and higher rates will challenge funds next year, ratings agency says.

Capital requirements for banks should be raised further: study

Contrary to industry warnings, a recent study by the Bank for International Settlements shows that better capitalized banks lend more.

Insider trading reversal may be temporary

The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit rebuked the U.S. government last week for overreaching on insider trading cases, and seemed to offer executives and traders reassurance that they may not be liable if material nonpublic information is acted upon without knowledge of the original source or any quid pro quo.

Push to bespoke target-date funds

As more 401(k) assets flow into target-dates, more companies are considering customized funds.

Skills gap poses hiring challenge for company executives

Many job applicants lack even basic knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math, Business Roundtable survey shows.


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A consortium of banks and asset managers are banding together to create a new electronic marketplace for equities trading in Europe. To be called Plato Partnership, the group is designing the platform with the goal of improving market fairness.


Euronext has launched an iPhone app to deliver market data from its equities markets to retail investors. The free app will deliver market data delayed by 15 minutes or updated at the end of the day.