JOBS Act boosts IPO market

The "de-risking" provisions of the Jobs Act are especially useful to initial public offerings, academics show.

Investors a growing funding source for infrastructure

Can institutional investors plug the infrastructure financing gap left by governments and banks?

Reassessing target-date funds

Companies should take a good look at the target-date funds in their 401(k) given the changes that have occurred in such funds.

Fixed vs. floating? Not a slam dunk

With interest rates expected to rise, swapping floating rate debt for fixed might seem like a no brainer. But it isn't.

I-bankers as dinosaurs? Not so fast

We're not convinced that the big increase in tech deals that do without banks for M&A advice isn't a cyclical phenomenon. 


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With the move of swaps trading to central clearing, buy-side firms have begun adopting new methods for optimizing their balance sheets. Using compression, compaction and termination services, buy side firms are using highly automated processes for consolidating the open line items on their balance sheets.


The FBI and the Secret Service are investigating cyberattacks against several American financial institutions, including JPMorgan Chase & Co. Reports vary on many of the details, but the attacks were first discovered earlier this month and may have resulted in the theft of gigabytes of sensitive data.