Security emerges as Big Data application


Big Data has emerged as an industry buzzword this year, creating what looks to be a mini-industry around the concepts.

Hadoop all of a sudden is cool, though I've suggested recently that the hype still is running ahead of the reality, which is always the case when a new technology gains mass attention. So it's nice to see some specific applications emerge, one of which is security. Gigaom notes that, "The advent of big data hasn't changed the ideas behind most enterprise security practices, but it has made them better. While network security and endpoint security have always relied on the processing of files or traffic against threat databases of to determine whether they're dangerous, big data lets them gather, store and analyze much more data. The result, in theory, are products that are more intelligent than their predecessors and that make the guys tasked with keeping a company secure that much better at their jobs."

The article lists six ways that Big Data can enhance security. It's clear that lots of vendors are betting on Big Data as an enterprise security tool. IBM has certainly taken this notion to heart with its release of a trove of new tools last month. EMC has bought a Big Data security company.

The use of Hadoop and NoSql present security challenges in and of themselves. The environment has to be secure before it can be used for other kinds of security measures.

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