Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

#SaveJosh campaign highlights social media as business risk

Senior mangement and boards need to be more aware of social media, Stanford Business School professor urges.

Sharing information on cyberthreats shouldn't pose antitrust problems, say regulators

Justice Department and FTC provide guidance to encourage companies to pool information on cyberissues.

Companies invest in the cloud

Spending on cloud computing rises although security concerns remain.

Patent decisions pending

This week is shaping up as a big one for intellectual property, as Apple and Samsung go at it again and the Supreme Court takes up the question of whether software can be patented. 

SEC cybersecurity roundtable highlights challenges for companies

If CFOs needed any further evidence that cybersecurity has taken its place among top risk management concerns, the Securities and Exchange Commission offered proof Wednesday. One conclusion reached? This is a problem to be managed, not solved.

CFOs becoming technology advocates

Finance is lagging other functions in adopting leading-edge solutions, survey shows.

Too few companies consider social media risks

Social media-related risks are among the top concerns of internal auditors as they work with their clients this year, a recent Protiviti survey shows.

Bringing boards up to speed on technology

Companies look for new directors with tech expertise.

The hidden benefits of free trade

How the increasingly global supply chain magnifies the cost of tariffs and other trade barriers.  

Card companies and e-commerce networks partner on B2B payments

MasterCard and Basware, Ariba and Discover are rolling out e-payment solutions.