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Latest Headlines

I-bankers as dinosaurs? Not so fast

We're not convinced that the big increase in tech deals that do without banks for M&A advice isn't a cyclical phenomenon. 

NIST Framework seen as standard in cybersecurity

The National Institute of Standard and Technology's cybersecurity framework is considered companies' best bet to thwart or recover from attacks.

Due diligence light on cyber risks

Dealmakers don't pay much attention to cybersecurity when they're vetting a target company.

Tech company job cuts continue

Cisco joins Microsoft in laying off thousands to avoid becoming a tech dinosaur.

Technology is gunning for your job

A fifth of companies have replaced some workers with automation, and finance and accounting are functions susceptible to the trend.

Business intelligence still looking back

Companies' BI efforts fail to deliver data on a timely basis.

No such thing as perfect cybersecurity

With perfect cybersecurity impossible, CFOs can only hope to mitigate breaches in their information systems, Deloitte warns.

Spreadsheets still most common FP&A tool

Just 37 percent use specialized software for financial planning and analysis.

Banks finally look to improve cash management

Corporate cash management, on banks' back burners for years post-crisis, begins to become more of a priority as banks seek to use vendors to improve interface and usability.

Multinationals' websites aren't always multilingual

A recent study found that many companies operating outside their home markets do a poor job of translating their websites into local languages.