Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Spreadsheets still most common FP&A tool

Just 37 percent use specialized software for financial planning and analysis.

Banks finally look to improve cash management

Corporate cash management, on banks' back burners for years post-crisis, begins to become more of a priority as banks seek to use vendors to improve interface and usability.

Multinationals' websites aren't always multilingual

A recent study found that many companies operating outside their home markets do a poor job of translating their websites into local languages.  

The unbalanced recovery

The economic recovery is being lead by industries whose growth is unhealthy or unsustainable.

Cost of data breaches rises

The cost of a data breach is rising, driven in part by a growing tendency among customers to shun companies that have experienced a cyberattack. But there are steps companies can take to limit the amount they're out of pocket.

More on treasury systems' flaws

The operator may be as much to blame as the tool when it comes to the shortcomings of treasury management systems, says a consultant.

Treasury systems still fall short of corporate needs

ERP systems still aren't sufficiently integrated with treasury systems to provide business intelligence. 

Shift to cloud leaves tax departments behind

A vast majority of companies aren't utilizing state, local tax credits for cloud investing, says KPMG survey.

#SaveJosh campaign highlights social media as business risk

Senior mangement and boards need to be more aware of social media, Stanford Business School professor urges.

Sharing information on cyberthreats shouldn't pose antitrust problems, say regulators

Justice Department and FTC provide guidance to encourage companies to pool information on cyberissues.