Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

US economy still not firing on all cylinders

New study of corporate cash flow shows economic growth remains weak.

Supply chain and risk management far apart

Just 10 percent of companies look at risk when outsourcing production.

Earnings not the key to recovery

Capital investment continues to go missing almost five years after the recession ended, according to a new report. 

2014 proxy season reveals latest shareholder concerns

Companies "must remain vigilant" on corporate governance issues such as executive pay and, increasingly, environmental and social proposals, tallies show.

Will Yellen talk down the markets?

Fed chair seems ready to deflate asset bubbles simply by acknowledging them. And that wouldn't take the economy down with them.

Why Janet Yellen is right

The Federal Reserve continues to face calls for monetary tightening from hawks within and without the Federal Open Market Committee, including the so-called central banks' central bank, Switzerland's Bank for International Settlements. But Janet Yellen is right to resist their calls.

Any day now

Every year since the end of the recession we've heard that capital investment, the key to economic growth, would pick up momentarily, or at least in the second half of any given year. And it hasn't happened. Yet the reason really isn't surprising.

Cross-border deals near post-crisis high

Cross-border deals have been on a post-finanical crisis tear, and executives say there are more to come, driven mostly by the desire for new customers. 

Inflation? Again? Where, oh, where?

Every few months, it seems, we get fresh warnings from Wall Street that inflation is about to soar, based on the slightest uptick in the standard measures.

Banks finally look to improve cash management

Corporate cash management, on banks' back burners for years post-crisis, begins to become more of a priority as banks seek to use vendors to improve interface and usability.