Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Big corporates outline wellness initiatives

Wellness programs and tools that employ wireless technology are among the strategies major corporations are using to improve employees' health and the state of U.S. healthcare, according to a report released yesterday by the CEO Council on Health and the Bipartisan Policy Center.

Standardization means savings for top finance teams

World-class finance departments devote more resources to planning and strategy as they save on transactions.

Technology companies seen vulnerable to hostile bids

Big cash balances and a change in culture have made the industry more open to unsolicited takeover offers, attorney says.

Infrastructure spending could get boost from new financing arrangements

Report by Moody's sees public-private infrastructure partnerships on the rise, thanks to efforts to reduce the risk for investors in new projects.

The value investor of Omaha

A new book on Warren Buffett coming out soon makes us wonder again why more companies aren't run like Berkshire Hathaway.

Law firms boast best-performing 401(k) plans

Law firms have the highest-rated 401(k) plans of any industry group, according to a ranking by BrightScope, with utilities coming in second and companies involved in mining, quarrying and oil and gas...

NIST Framework seen as standard in cybersecurity

The National Institute of Standard and Technology's cybersecurity framework is considered companies' best bet to thwart or recover from attacks.

Due diligence light on cyber risks

Dealmakers don't pay much attention to cybersecurity when they're vetting a target company.

Companies decline institutional investors' push to engage with boards

Companies are giving the Shareholder Director Exchange protocol a miss, a recent informal poll suggests. Legal counsel supports that approach.

M&A on pace to be best year since 2007

Monthly data shows deal volume this year on track to be highest since 2007.