Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Alstom case underscores the importance of FCPA compliance programs

One reason the French engineering firm is likely to pay the biggest criminal penalty to date for foreign bribery is that it had no compliance program in place.

Social and environmental shareholder proposals crop up at more annual meetings

Almost 40 percent of shareholder proposals submitted at Russell 3000 companies that had an annual meeting in the first half of the year were related to social and environmental issues, according to The Conference Board.

Insider trading reversal may be temporary

The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit rebuked the U.S. government last week for overreaching on insider trading cases, and seemed to offer executives and traders reassurance that they may not be liable if material nonpublic information is acted upon without knowledge of the original source or any quid pro quo.

Skills gap poses hiring challenge for company executives

Many job applicants lack even basic knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math, Business Roundtable survey shows.

Companies risk SEC's wrath by discouraging whistle-blowers

Experts warn that the commission is taking an increasingly hard line against companies that discourage employees from reporting compliance problems.

Mixed picture on commercial insurance premiums

Third-quarter pricing stabilizes amid forecasts for soft market.

More bids like that of Ackman-Valeant on the way

Despite the failure of the unusual joint bid between Bill Ackman and Valeant Pharmaceuticals, more such alliances are seen as likely. 

A reality check on the recovery

The big macro question today is how much wage growth is necessary to provide enough demand to give companies a reasonable basis on which to invest.

Keeping tabs on outsourcing arrangements

A report that Apple was overcharged for outsourced services could sound alarm.

Failed Valeant-Ackman combo better for activist than bidder

The tag team approach to hostile takeover may reward activists but leave their corporate partners short.