Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

New tax inversions likely to be scaled down

Acquisitions that shift corporate tax residency seen having fewer, but still valuable, benefits in wake of Treasury crackdown.

The return of corporate animal spirits?

The Association for Financial Professionals in its third quarter survey of corporate treasurers finds the biggest year-over-year drop in corporate cash holdings it has ever seen. But hold the champagne.

Beat it or miss it, guidance seems here to stay

The number of companies providing guidance to investors bounces back post-financial crisis, a recent survey shows.

Why Amazon may be a Ponzi scheme

How long can Amazon's free cash flow depend on the construction of warehouses?  

ISS proposes changes to the way it views executive compensation

Proxy adviser ISS suggests using a "scorecard" tally approach to equity plans, opens window for comment.

Directors at large companies get 6% raises

Board members' compensation shifts more toward shares, away from per-meeting fees.

Turning the Corner?

Get back to us when you see some serious capex.  

CFOs seen having to pay more for talent

As the jobs report shows, job seekers are beginning to have the upper hand. It's already challenging for CFOs to attract and retain talent, and next year they must expect to pay more to get and keep the best.

Are CFOs really focusing on growth?

A new study by Accenture finds that CFOs are no longer concentrating almost exclusively on costs, but the findings raise questions about what they're doing instead.

The law as a competitive advantage

Too tight a hold on legal expenses may cost companies opportunities to create value. Consider Disney.