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Latest Headlines

#SaveJosh campaign highlights social media as business risk

Senior mangement and boards need to be more aware of social media, Stanford Business School professor urges.

Tax losses jeopardized by earn-outs

Companies with net operating losses may jeopardize their ability to use them when they structure deals as earn-outs, a prominent tax lawyer warns.

One in five CFOs misrepresent earnings

A new study finds that 20 percent of finance chiefs exploit gaps in accounting to misrepresent their companies' earnings, and their companies do so an average of ten percent of the time.

Government incentives turning lawyers into whistleblowers?

Corporate attorneys may be tempted to serve as whistleblowers, thanks to the Dodd-Frank Act and recent SEC rules.

Earnings guidance merits a close look from audit committees

Wtih negative guidance the second-highest on record for companies in the S&P 500, the perennial question of whether to provide guidance at all presents itself. Audit committees should be sure to get involved in the analysis, urges PwC.

Harder landings for U.S. CEOs

Golden parachutes aren't what they once were, despite some recent high-profile exceptions at Time Warner Cable and Symantec.

SEC cybersecurity roundtable highlights challenges for companies

If CFOs needed any further evidence that cybersecurity has taken its place among top risk management concerns, the Securities and Exchange Commission offered proof Wednesday. One conclusion reached? This is a problem to be managed, not solved.

How to handle rising rates

To borrow or not to borrow? That depends on a host of considerations that only tangentially have to do with changes in the Federal Reserve's monetary policy. And weighing them properly may require people and technology that companies no longer have in place.

Accounting backgrounds make CFOs risk-averse

"The board and the CEO should recognize that a one-size-fit-all strategy is not suitable for selecting a CFO, and accounting background of the CFO is not always value enhancing," Bentley and Northeastern researchers conclude.

Is capex gone for good?

Capital spending has taken a backseat to company stock purchases since 1985, and there's no end in sight.