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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Companies brace for pay-for-performance disclosure requirement

Sixty percent of 104 companies polled by consulting firm Towers Watson said they have been busy working on pay-for-performance disclosure, a requirement soon to be promulgated by the SEC. 

ECB stress tests fail the credibility test

New research shows that European banks may need almost 30 times as much capital to withstand another crisis as the ECB estimates. 

New tax inversions likely to be scaled down

Acquisitions that shift corporate tax residency seen having fewer, but still valuable, benefits in wake of Treasury crackdown.

Why we're in a 'managed depression'

Q2 data on corporate capital spending supports Martin Wolf's contention that the globe is suffering from a lack of demand not seen since the 1930s.

Beat it or miss it, guidance seems here to stay

The number of companies providing guidance to investors bounces back post-financial crisis, a recent survey shows.

Makeover time for investment policies?

Coming changes to money fund regulations mean companies need to reassess their policies.

Litigation risk rises

Almost a third of companies saw more legal disputes over the past year.

AbbVie's aborted bid for Shire may signal end of inversions

The Treasury's crackdown on "hopscotch" loans is likely to undermine the rationale for inversions going forward.  

IMF sees growing imbalance in global economy

The International Monetary Fund's latest global stability report warns that financial risk taking exceeds economic risk taking as a result of policymakers' heavy reliance on monetary policy.

Behind the EU's tougher stance on corporate tax havens

The European Union's moves against Apple and Amazon's transfer pricing schemes reflect growing concerns about international tax avoidance, lawyers say.