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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Financial services compliance survey finds gaps in supervising communications channels

A new survey of financial services compliance personnel found growing concern about the ability of firms to manage the growing "compliance perimeter" posed by new communications channels. In total, less than half of survey respondents said that they were "mostly" or "completely" confident that their firm's current communications supervision program would effectively identify risks.

Cross-border M&A often just a tax dodge: study

Complex deals by U.S. multinationals provide $12 billion a year in corporate tax savings, according to new research.  

Supreme Court rules for employer in retiree health care case

Case involves the interpretation of collective bargaining agreements.

Money laundering finds new home in trade finance arena

As regulators crack down, corporates need to take a closer look.

Activists, cyberattacks top list of challenges facing boards in 2015

Shareholder activists and litigation, cybersecurity, and enforcement are among the issues that need to be top of mind for boards of directors this year, corporate lawyers advise.

Supreme Court decision about false statements to have 'greatest practical impact' in recent memory for companies, predicts legal expert

Despite the interest generated by the Supreme Court's Halliburton ruling last year, the decision pales in comparison to another expected this year, according to a securities litigation expert.

Recent court decision helps protect confidentiality of corporations' settlements with federal authorities, law firm says

A recent court decision helps protect the confidentiality of corporations' settlements with federal authorities, a law firm says.

Derivatives collateral still a concern for corporates

U.S. companies push for legislation exempting nonfinancial end users of derivatives from margin requirement.

International tax avoidance concentrated within 450 multinationals

New research finds that 90 percent of intra-firm exports to tax havens comes from a small number of large companies.

Big shifts in corporate tax landscape seen coming in 2015

Potential changes in corporate taxation could create major headaches for CFOs next year, KPMG warns.