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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Makeover time for investment policies?

Coming changes to money fund regulations mean companies need to reassess their policies.

Litigation risk rises

Almost a third of companies saw more legal disputes over the past year.

AbbVie's aborted bid for Shire may signal end of inversions

The Treasury's crackdown on "hopscotch" loans is likely to undermine the rationale for inversions going forward.  

IMF sees growing imbalance in global economy

The International Monetary Fund's latest global stability report warns that financial risk taking exceeds economic risk taking as a result of policymakers' heavy reliance on monetary policy.

Behind the EU's tougher stance on corporate tax havens

The European Union's moves against Apple and Amazon's transfer pricing schemes reflect growing concerns about international tax avoidance, lawyers say.

SEC to focus more closely on how smaller companies use XBRL

Smaller companies are too often ignoring the standard tags put forth by the FASB and approved by the SEC, the new chief economist of the agency, said Tuesday.

The law as a competitive advantage

Too tight a hold on legal expenses may cost companies opportunities to create value. Consider Disney.  

'Going Concern' rules could trip up CFOs

A new paper says an accounting rule that puts the onus for disclosing when a company is in financial trouble poses a big challenge for corporate managers.

Corporate political contributions a hot proxy season topic

Measures related to political spending and lobbying were most frequently voted-on measures in first half.

Landmark SEC award could encourage more whistle blowing

A landmark whistle-blower award by the SEC shows that audit and compliance personnel should be handled with kid gloves, lawyers warn.