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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Capex may be understated: study

Companies may be making larger-than-reported capital expenditures, according to a new study.

ISS in new move to assure market of impartiality

Proxy advisor Instutional Shareholder Services offers a new way for companies to verify equity plan data.

SEC focuses on weak internal controls, false certification

Recent cases show that the SEC is cracking down on executives who falsely certify statements.

Multinationals win OECD reassurance on transfer pricing

Information about their global operations that proposed new OECD rules would require companies to provide to tax authorities could not alone be used to disallow their transfer pricing.

Chamber of Commerce tells SEC to streamline corporate disclosures

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness recommends that the SEC focus on materiality and eliminate redundancy.

Bankers who still don't get it

If economic growth is to be sustainable, the financial system will require investors to rescue banks that are too big to fail.

A quick fix for inversions after all?

President Obama may have a tool at his disposal for stopping companies from shifting their tax residence from the U.S. to tax havens through acquisitions.

No quick fix seen for inversions

Despite the rising drumbeat against acquisitions that shift companies' tax domicile away from the U.S., no action is likely in an election year.

Final money fund rules may require changes in cash management

Floating asset values, "gates" and exit fees may alter the equation for short-term investments.

California court rules retailer needn't provide AEDs

Decision in Target case cites cost of making automated external defibrillators available.