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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

New revenue recognition standard means work ahead for companies

Regulators suggest they're open to requests to extend the implementation period.

SEC focuses on materiality, relevancy in comment letters to companies

Deloitte's annual roundup of comment letters from the Securities and Exchange Commission shows the agency still sees much room for improvement in companies' annual reports.

FASB may help companies hide the results of bad deals

The accounting standard setter is likely to try to resurrect amortization of goodwill, which critics say would enable companies to obscure the poor performance of assets they acquire.

Audit committees open up

Committees are providing more information about their work in their report in the proxy statement, at least at the largest companies.

More on rising protectionism

An international trade expert explains why the WTO understates the rising degree of protectionism among the globe's more advanced economies.

Protectionism on the rise again among developed nations

A recent report shows rate of increase in tariffs and other measures since 2012 returning to post-crisis levels.

CFOs who use automatic stock trading plans risk violating insider-trading rules

Executive stock sale plans can run afoul of short-term profit rules, one securities lawyer warns.

SEC charges 10 companies for 8-K filing violations

Following its "broken windows" policy, the SEC is on a mission to shape up companies that may be neglecting required disclosures on Form 8-K.

CFA Institute pushes for broader proxy access

Research sponsored by the CFA Institute shows that companies that allow proxy access reap the rewards in stock market price.

Leak of international tax documents seen fueling backlash

The release of tens of thousands of pages of documents detailing multinationals' use of Luxembourg as a tax haven is likely to add to demands for a crackdown on such tactics