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Latest Headlines

Shift to cloud leaves tax departments behind

A vast majority of companies aren't utilizing state, local tax credits for cloud investing, says KPMG survey.

Tax losses jeopardized by earn-outs

Companies with net operating losses may jeopardize their ability to use them when they structure deals as earn-outs, a prominent tax lawyer warns.

But what about capital spending?

Reuters on Monday published at least the second article we've seen in recent weeks that cites evidence suggesting a change in investor sentiment toward M&A. In contrast to previous periods,  shareholders are rewarding buyers  as well as sellers in today's market.

One in five CFOs misrepresent earnings

A new study finds that 20 percent of finance chiefs exploit gaps in accounting to misrepresent their companies' earnings, and their companies do so an average of ten percent of the time.

Earnings guidance merits a close look from audit committees

Wtih negative guidance the second-highest on record for companies in the S&P 500, the perennial question of whether to provide guidance at all presents itself. Audit committees should be sure to get involved in the analysis, urges PwC.

News Scan: EU tightens rules for auditors; Jobs report suggests recovery remains on track; Mylan may bid for Swedish rival

>> Tax and Accounting: EU tightens rules for auditors The European Parliament approved a measure that aims to disrupt overly cozy relationships between companies and their auditors. Companies...

First-quarter earnings outlook muted

Pessimistic first-quarter earnings expectations give companies plenty of room to beat analysts' view.

Citigroup criminal inquiry seen focusing on controls

The investigation federal officials reportedly opened into the alleged fraud that took place at Citigroup's Mexican subsidiary may have raised the stakes for the bank, as well as questions about its financial controls.

Tax rates not the only consideration in corporate relocation

States and cities tout corporate tax rates and offer breaks, but other cost considerations and economic factors can make or break a new corporate location, as KPMG analysis shows.

Favorable tax court ruling on captive insurer

A U.S. court ruled earlier this year that the insurance premiums a company paid to a captive insurer on behalf of the company's other subsidiaries are deductible, a decision that may clear the...