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Latest Headlines

FX's growing impact on cash flow hidden from view

A new report shows that increasing foreign currency volatility is having a growing--yet hidden--impact on corporate cash flow.

Need funding for that lawsuit?

A small portion of companies are using third-party litigation financing, survey shows.

New revenue recognition standard means work ahead for companies

Regulators suggest they're open to requests to extend the implementation period.

SEC focuses on materiality, relevancy in comment letters to companies

Deloitte's annual roundup of comment letters from the Securities and Exchange Commission shows the agency still sees much room for improvement in companies' annual reports.

FASB may help companies hide the results of bad deals

The accounting standard setter is likely to try to resurrect amortization of goodwill, which critics say would enable companies to obscure the poor performance of assets they acquire.

Financial planning, cash processes deemed high priorities by finance execs

Healthcare reform takes second place to sustainability among emerging issues.

Leak of international tax documents seen fueling backlash

The release of tens of thousands of pages of documents detailing multinationals' use of Luxembourg as a tax haven is likely to add to demands for a crackdown on such tactics

Non-GAAP measures common in IPO filings, study shows

About 60 percent of newly public companies used non-GAAP measures in filings from 2011 to 2013, a PwC study showed. But non-GAAP measures mean greater scrutiny from investors and the SEC.

New tax inversions likely to be scaled down

Acquisitions that shift corporate tax residency seen having fewer, but still valuable, benefits in wake of Treasury crackdown.

Why Amazon may be a Ponzi scheme

How long can Amazon's free cash flow depend on the construction of warehouses?