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Latest Headlines

Audit committees stretched by breadth of concerns, survey shows

Audit committees may be overstretched, but they are trying to share the oversight burden, and they are zeroing in on concerns such as cybesecurity and the performance of the CFO, a KPMG survey shows.

Rising dollar catches US multinationals off guard

The hit to revenue and earnings that U.S.–based multinationals are taking from the strong rise in the value of the dollar against that of other currencies raises some fundamental questions about their hedging tactics.

Cross-border M&A often just a tax dodge: study

Complex deals by U.S. multinationals provide $12 billion a year in corporate tax savings, according to new research.  

States unwind more recession damage

In 2014, more states paid back the money they had borrowed from the federal government to fund unemployment benefits. Repaying the loans, a legacy of the recession, lowers the federal unemployment...

International tax avoidance concentrated within 450 multinationals

New research finds that 90 percent of intra-firm exports to tax havens comes from a small number of large companies.

Largest companies' pensions suffered in 2014, research shows

Just 80 percent of plans offered by about 400 Fortune 1000 companies were funded at the end of 2014, Towers Watson analysis shows. That's down 9 percentage points from 2013 levels and a fall back to post-financial crisis levels.

Big shifts in corporate tax landscape seen coming in 2015

Potential changes in corporate taxation could create major headaches for CFOs next year, KPMG warns.

FX's growing impact on cash flow hidden from view

A new report shows that increasing foreign currency volatility is having a growing--yet hidden--impact on corporate cash flow.

Need funding for that lawsuit?

A small portion of companies are using third-party litigation financing, survey shows.

New revenue recognition standard means work ahead for companies

Regulators suggest they're open to requests to extend the implementation period.