Small businesses, big GRC issues


If 2012 underscored anything at all in the realm of GRC, it was the need by small businesses to pay attention to what some once considered big business problems.

Cyber criminals, sensing opportunity and more relaxed safeguards, preyed mercilessly on small companies and government entities last year, chipping away at compromised accounts. argues that in 2013, small business will continue to face big company issues, especially in terms of cloud computing and mobile computing. The conventional wisdom hold that these two trends have the power to radically change large enterprises. The same is true for smaller enterprises. More small companies are moving more sensitive operations into cloud-based services, and more are pondering the mobile revolution and the rise of personal devices as work tools.

The good news is that security has become a paramount marketing point for cloud service providers and many small companies will be able to improve their security position by making the move. The mobile security problem may well call third-party service providers, especially in the realm of BYOD. In any case, 2013 is shaping up as a challenging year for small business. Good luck.

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