GRC software to go mobile?


There's no escaping the trend toward mobility the financial industry. In just about all facets, smartphones and tablets loom as significant technologies. So it's no surprise that the idea of mobile GRC has cropped up.

GRC software has slowly become more common within the enterprise. More companies are deploying far-reaching software solutions as well as specific solutions to specific problems. The software is certainly maturing, as investment slowly increases.

So does mobile access to this software add anything?

Bruce McCuaig, SAP's director of solution marketing for GRC, sums it all up in a chat with Business Finance Magazine.

"Mobile governance, risk and compliance (GRC) is a new channel to access GRC software. It can best be summarized as the use of mobile technology to understand and prioritize stakeholders' expectations while managing risks and complying with applicable laws, regulations and obligations. Providing GRC capabilities as a mobile application allows on-the-go managers to receive notifications, approve access to systems and respond to urgent requests anywhere and on any device. Mobile GRC means boards and executives can create and consume GRC information easily through applications and ultimately make better decisions," McCuaig notes.

So in a sense, GRC is merely one more mobile application, that is, it's merely another access option for users of the software. But it is an area that seems quite well-suited for mobile access. The fact is that GRC is a continuous, round the clock operation. There is no rest and no down-time, which makes mobility an appropriate access point for managers in this field.

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