Employee outsources his own job


Security breaches come in all forms. More often than not, they involve some sort of company insider.

A most unusual case was noted recently by ComputerWorld, involving an important "infrastructure" company, which grew alarmed when it noticed some unusual activity emanating from abroad on its network. Last May, the unidentified company's IT security department started monitoring logs generated at their VPN contractor and "discovered an open and active VPN connection originating from Shenyang, China."

What was really puzzling was the fact that a specific software employee's login credentials were being used every time. What was really odd was that these credentials were in use, even as the employee was at his desk, ostensibly working. The log showed him as being logged in from China, while he was working.

One might assume that this was a case of an employee's credential somehow being stolen for illicit purposes or that information was being routed to China. You could spin all sorts of scenarios out of this, but the answer was simple: The employee had outsourced his own job to China. He paid about one-fifth of his salary to someone in China to log in and do his job for him. He apparently had the same scam going at several companies. He earned several hundred thousand dollars a year while paying out about $50,000 in expenses.

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