Compliance and ethics group releases fun calendar


If you were to wander down to your marketing department, you'd find many people wax on about how effective a simple calendar is from a brand and awareness perspective.

But with so many companies, large and small, putting out calendars this time of year, how do you stand out? It certainly helps to be novel. The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics would appear to have that going for it. It has been offering calendars since 2010, and it just released its 2013 edition. Its calendar is marked with specific milestones in the history of corporate fraud.

Amid the notices of SCCE office closure and major holidays, you will find items that commemorate famous frauds involving the likes of Tyco, WorldCom, Enron, Satyam and more. Some entries are rather whimsical. February 2, 2004 isn't exactly a day that will live in infamy, even though that happens to be the date of the duly noted Janet Jackson wardrobe "malfunction" on national TV. That appears just before the February 9, 2012 item, the day that the five top mortgage servicers inked a settlement for $25 billion in a landmark case.

All in all, you have to say "well done" on this fun piece of marketing collateral. It serves its purpose well. The marketing folks deserve a gold star for this.

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