Biggest data leak threat: Well-meaning employees


We've noted that despite the millions upon millions of dollars invested in securing networks against external criminals, the biggest threat resides within the firewall. Smart employees bent on crime are going to be hard to stop no matter what. We've seen two cases recently of programmers being convicted for stealing proprietary code from their company. Executives with knowledge of company systems will also be hard to stop.

But the biggest threat is likely to be employees with good intentions. There are no shortage of stories about employees who inadvertently send out spreadsheets with confidential information or who log people on to the network to be helpful, accidentally giving them rights to much more than they previously had.

This is not a new problem, but it is always a good idea to revisit your strategy for dealing with well-meaning employees. You need make it hard for them to err, via authentication and other processes, strong segregation of duties, policies and the like. Education may be one of your best investments in this area.

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